I went to Toronto’s MDBP 2016

Last Last Friday I attended the Mad Decent Block Party in Toronto for the third time.

If you have no idea what the Mad Decent Block Party is I’ll give you a quick low down. It all started back when Diplo created the label back in 2004 in Philadelphia. Throughout the years the label gained more and more attention. In 2008 the label held it’s first ever MDBP in Philly. Which was a local event and had a lot of children in attendance (this is nothing compared to block parties held by the label today)

Here’s a video of the first ever Mad Decent Block Party below.

(I would honestly just skip to all the parts with Elmo turning up because those are the most entertaining lol)

While looking to the first ever MDBP video I came across the Toronto one too

Personally I like the idea of MDBP being held at Yonge and Dundas because it’s right in the heart of the city and it looks like an actual block party. The only downside I would say is the amount of ‘other traffic’ (such as people trying to convert you into a new religion, trying to sell you anything possible, children … because not trying to see kids while I’m tryna to turn up, and etc.

This year I wasn’t as excited to attend because I was not feeling the line up that much. I used to let everybody know that ‘MDBP is my Christmas’ but this year I felt like selling my tickets and heading to NYC for ‘Fool’s Gold DAY OFF’ instead but I didn’t.

I went anyways, I went pretty late into it too. It was still good, because I went with the  right people. I still wasn’t feeling the music though, I’m not saying the music was bad either, it was just really on a dubstep vibe that was not my cup of tea. It also ended right on the dot too, I thought Diplo was going to do an encore but he didn’t it was nbd tho (even tho I basically came for just him).

Will I make Mad Decent my Christmas next year ? Stay tuned to find out lol



Burn and Watch: Legends of Chamberlain Heights

What’s good interweb? Today I’m going to share with you one of my fav shows at the moment which is Legends of Chamberlain Heights.


If your into adult animated sitcoms then this is the show for you. It’s mad jokes and not corny af. The show follows a group of three best friends that are rookies of there schools basketball team and the shenanigans they get into just to earn respect and to reach there dreams of becoming legends. Take a look at the trailer below:

Dear Sbux, Please Leave Food Alone

For years now Starbucks has been trying to make food. Most food that they carried worked out well as they would in most coffee shops, such as there cookies, brownies, bars, and loafs just to name a few, you know the typical shit you find at most coffee shops.

But Starbucks along with many other companies always feel the need to add unnecessary shit to there menu, to expand, make money, change the future yada yada yada yet it’s nothing but supreme garbage at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t go to Starbucks in search of food, I know that Starbucks is good for coffee (except the cold brew which sucks).

I’m just sick and tired of seeing bs on the menu, it was one thing seeing a bootleg Rice Krispy bar on the menu for years but now Starbucks thinks they sell trifles. So if you go to Starbucks like that you know that they have a ‘Sunset Menu’ this Summer and if you haven’t checked it out here is a visual of it below.




So basically the new Summer Menu comes with  ‘Granitas’ (another word for drink in the fine language of Starbucks). It also comes with Trifles as well …. and when I hear the word Trifle this is what comes to my mind an actual Trifle you know. If you have never seen a Trifle before here is a photo of one

actual trifle

If you don’t know what a trifle is, it’s basically a cold desert with sponge cake layered with fruit, custard, jelly, and cream. (pictured above)

Here is a video on how to make one

Here is Starbucks version of a Trifle

It’s basically brownies and whipped cream in a cup. On top of that it’s probably a dumb price, I’m not cheap I just don’t see why your expecting me to pay for someone to put a few pieces of brownies in a cup topped with whipped cream, that’s stupid. Unless your working your ass off making that trifle like the dude in the vid above, I don’t see why this should even be considered to be apart of the menu or called a trifle. If i was a barista I would be so upset if I had to prepare that or even put that lame in a cup beside the nice ass drink I just made for some stush customer.

Here’s a tip – Stop trying to make food and work on your cold brew


TBT NXNE Portlands Review 

A few weekends ago I attended NXNE at the Port lands.

It basically felt like a festival within a festival. 

Day 1

My goal that Friday was to get there in time for Shamir. If your not familiar with Shamir you should definitely take a listen sometime. When I got there I walked into “On the Regular” playing in the background. It was a great show. Shamir has such a good energy and knows how to put on a performance. I would definitely go and see Shamir again.

I also saw Ghostface Killah which was sick too. It was my second time and as always he never disappoints.  

I also got to see up and coming Toronto artist Daniel Caesar. He had a chill sound and a great stage presence.

Then the closing act, Schoolboy Q.

Schoolboy performed a lot of his versus and even did an ode to Kendrick because it was his birthday.

Day 2

Day 2 had all the bands. Got there just in time for Mother Mother. Mother Mother played a great show.

Also got to see Born Ruffians again.

I also got to see Father John Misty and melt to his voice. The performance was beautiful and I also wish I had a joint to accompany it but regardless it was amazing performance. 

I went to a Barber Battle


This past Sunday I went to a Barber Battle

Location: Random Church

Time: 4pm (After everyone was done praising da Lawd (HALLELUJAH!))

As you can tell this was my first time.

The room was filled with barber squads, vendors (hair care, etc), those people that you pay $10 to draw cartoon looking-ish version of  yourself if you like that stuff, the smell good food, a DJ at the back to keep it going and a ‘bar’.

I turned to one individual organizing the event and asked if this was an actual Church… it was

First I hit up the bar. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that this bar wasn’t an actual bar because it’s in a Church. No poison of course but other ‘goods’ of this earth such as juice and pop *long sigh*. But let’s be real, Local Vamp doesn’t go unprepared.

The battle started eventually. The host of the event greeted everyone with his salmon coloured pants and aqua blazer. This then followed by our National Anthem.

Now when it came down to the National Anthem I really could not tell if this individual was singing the anthem or not because no actually words from the anthem was being sung. After the first few seconds of confusion I finally heard the individual sing actual words but they weren’t to the anthem I am aware of. This anthem basically had the same tune to ‘O Canada’ but all the words changed to fit the Barber Battle of course.

After that the battles began. I say battles because the battles are split up into different categories of barbers (e.g. 21& Under, Females). After each battle it was so sick to see the final looks that all these talented barbers brought to table.Especially considering the amount of time they were given which was roughly 30 minutes.

If your ever get invited to a Barber Battle GO!