Movie Review – The Boy Next Door

One day my friends and I had a random movie night which was super cute. When deciding what movie we were going to watch I pushed for the ‘The Boy Next Door’. I never knew that JLo released another bad movie until that day when my friend showed me our options from a bootleg movie selection.


I basically pushed to watch this movie because I was wondering how bad could this JLo movie be ?

I would like to start off by saying that if you have not watched the trailer and don’t want to be lost in the movie (like I was) you should watch the trailer.

So basically what takes place in ‘The Boy Next Door’ is that JLo’s cheeseburger of a husband in the flick cheats on her….

I know, who cheats on JLo???


JLo looking fine as hell on the runway

Exclusive... Jennifer Lopez Takes Her Kids To A Dance Class

 JLo letting everyone know she a MILF out on da streets

*These photo’s are all from 2014-2015

 ANYWAYS, this guy cheats on her and her ‘best friend’ in the movie gave her the best advice ever, divorce him, but she was very hesitant to the idea because where else is she going to find a cheeseburger of a husband that cheats on her.

As the movie continues ‘The Boy Next Door’ enters the scene and  realizes that she is the ultimate MILF and he needs to do more than just eat her cookies, he needs to eat her cookies.

So he pulls all the stops to do that and turns the movie into some soft core JLo porno once he accomplishes it

During this random JLo porn scene I got pretty jealous but I still enjoyed watching it cause it was hot af not gonna lie.

So after that random porn scene the movies turns to shit cause this guy ends up being badshitcrazy and wants more than seconds.

You can’t really blame him ….

jlo bangin

But she’s not about it cause she wants to stay with her cheating husband. This guy is not having it and goes psycho and does everything in his power to still get with her by ruining her life to every extent, which is not the best way to get any girl, but clearly he doesn’t realize that.

So basically this movie get’s a 4/10 bad JLo movie wise.

Do I recommend it ? Not at all, unless you like bad JLo movies

Until next time…



Random Food Review – Doritos Roulette

A few nights ago while highly scrolling down the chip aisle a bag of Doritos Roulette caught my eye and I was all about it.

When grabbing this bag of chips I thought to myself ‘Yes! Doritos finally made an option for ripped indecisive people like me’ but little did I know (since I failed to read the bag since all I wanted to do was eat the chips I just copped) a bag of Doritos Roulette is basically just a regular bag of Doritos with a ‘lame twist’. In every handful there is suppose to be one really spicy chip that you can’t handle. I know how does Doritos think they could BS me into thinking they created ‘a new cool chip game’ when obviously something went wrong at the FritoLay plant one day with the seasoning process and someone thought it would be a great idea to dress it up as a game.

Doritos Roulette is just a unevenly seasoned bag of chips and all what it did was upset my recently ripped taste buds.

The dumbest part is the amount of people that actually try to take on Doritos Roulette as a ‘challenge’.

and people actually go through shit eating this.

I would also like to take the time to challenge anyone to Doritos Roulette (for money only) because I have an amazing chance at winning. Also why not use this unexpected useless talent that I just discovered I’m capable of as a way to make pocket change, I mean people do it all the time.

Also Doritos should take into consideration making a bag of chips featuring all of there current favorites because, Smokahontas would be a happy gyal.