The Aubergine Kween is back.

That’s right Azealia Banks blessed us with a music video to her fresh tune ‘The Big Big Beat’.

If you want to see Azealia bruk it out on top of a NYPD cruiser, this is the video for you.

The Big Big Beat is the first track off of the singers latest mix-tape ‘Slay-Z’.

This new track definitly lives up to it’s name.

Check it out below ~ You might want to add it to your Saturday Night Pre Ritual Playlist

Yeah I thought House Hippos were real

If you grew up in the early 90s – 2000s in Toronto and watched TV your probably no stranger to the Companies Committed to Kids PSA’s such as the one below

Yes I thought House Hippos were real and would come eat my chips too.

Companies Committed to Kids (Formerly known as Concerned Children’s Advertisers) is a Non profit Organization that was founded in 1989 and based out of Toronto.
In my perspective these are some of the best PSA’s that I ever seen that carried there message across in an entertaining way.

My Personal Favourite is the “Stay Fit ‘Cause You Never Know” PSA’s

enjoy & stay fit yo!