Black Lips at The Phoenix 

img_2508-1Last Friday I got the chance to see Black Lips at The Phoenix. It was my second time seeing the band since the last time they came to Toronto (Yes Local Vamp is from Toronto).

Since my last Black Lips show (which was amazing) the boys came back to the city and put on a high voltage show  during Canadian Music Week. They performed new and old favourites such as ‘Funny’, ‘Dirty Hands’ (one of my favs), and ‘Not a Problem’ just to name a few.

I would also like to point out the amount of crowd surfing that went on through out the show. Yes at one point at majority of shows I go to someone ends up crowd surfing. Sometimes 2 or 3 people end up crowd surfing… totally normal concert behaviour. But at this show majority of the crowd didn’t want to miss a wave. At one point after one person was done crowd surfing someone else from the crowd would make there way out into the crowd immediatly after. So many people wanted to get in on this that a lot of people ended up crashing into the floor. From this I tell you Crowd Surf Safely People.

I was left entirely satisfied and full of glitter.

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