I went to a Barber Battle


This past Sunday I went to a Barber Battle

Location: Random Church

Time: 4pm (After everyone was done praising da Lawd (HALLELUJAH!))

As you can tell this was my first time.

The room was filled with barber squads, vendors (hair care, etc), those people that you pay $10 to draw cartoon looking-ish version of  yourself if you like that stuff, the smell good food, a DJ at the back to keep it going and a ‘bar’.

I turned to one individual organizing the event and asked if this was an actual Church… it was

First I hit up the bar. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that this bar wasn’t an actual bar because it’s in a Church. No poison of course but other ‘goods’ of this earth such as juice and pop *long sigh*. But let’s be real, Local Vamp doesn’t go unprepared.

The battle started eventually. The host of the event greeted everyone with his salmon coloured pants and aqua blazer. This then followed by our National Anthem.

Now when it came down to the National Anthem I really could not tell if this individual was singing the anthem or not because no actually words from the anthem was being sung. After the first few seconds of confusion I finally heard the individual sing actual words but they weren’t to the anthem I am aware of. This anthem basically had the same tune to ‘O Canada’ but all the words changed to fit the Barber Battle of course.

After that the battles began. I say battles because the battles are split up into different categories of barbers (e.g. 21& Under, Females). After each battle it was so sick to see the final looks that all these talented barbers brought to table.Especially considering the amount of time they were given which was roughly 30 minutes.

If your ever get invited to a Barber Battle GO!

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